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How do you get ready for Nevada's jobs?

Follow the data.

How do you determine a career path?
Which jobs offer the best employment opportunities?
How much education is required to reach a certain salary?

You have questions, Career Path Nevada has answers.

Whether you're figuring out your own career path or recruiting businesses to the Silver State, knowledge is vital. Collaborating with NPWR, the Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation and the Nevada System of Higher Education, Career Path Nevada provides users with clear, concise, accessible information on the academic paths needed to prepare for more than 600 Nevada careers

Career Path Nevada provides information by area of academic study. See the Career Path Data page for a list of academic areas. Available data includes:‚Äč

  1. Program enrollment levels at Nevada public higher education institutions (colleges, universities and trades schools)
  2. Median salary by education level for those who graduated from that program
  3. Workforce demand projections and degree required for jobs related to the program
  4. Number of recent program graduates from Nevada public higher education institutions along with the percentage employed in Nevada the year following graduation and the average first year wages.
  5. Nevada public higher education institutions offering that program and school contact information.

They say, knowledge is power. Career Path Nevada works to empower Nevadans with the education and career data they need to reach their individual goals.